Specifics for the Machiavelli and Locke readings

I hope you are all enjoying the break thus far!

The course calendar indicated that after the break we’d be reading Machiavelli’s The Prince and Locke’s Second Treatise of Government, but gave no specifics about the readings. You’ll find the specifics below.

For Machiavelli:

  • Monday, 3/19: The Prince, Chs. 1-13 (pp. 509-533 in Morgan)
  • Wednesday, 3/21: The Prince, Chs. 14-26 (pp. 533-555 in Morgan)

For Locke:

  • Monday, 3/26: Second Treatise, Chs. 1-6 (pp. 711-732 in Morgan)
  • Wednesday, 3/28: Second Treatise, Chs. 7-11 (pp. 732-750 in Morgan)
  • Friday, 3/30: Second Treatise, Chs. 12-16 (pp. 750-763 in Morgan)
  • Monday, 4/2: Second Treatise, Chs. 17-19 (pp. 763-776 in Morgan)

The course calendar has been updated to reflect these specifics.



For the Friday exam…

…there’s one small change.

If you wish to type the exam instead of handwriting it, you’ll need to do so in Google Documents. Writing in Word then emailing me an attachment is an option that I’m taking off the table, for reasons that I’ll explain in class.


Correction regarding readings for Wednesday, May 7

Please note that there was an error (that has now been corrected) on the class calendar. The reading assignment for Wednesday is Summa Theologica II-II, Questions 40 and 42 (pp. 485-487, if you’re using the Morgan anthology). My apologies for the mixup.


Exam 1 review sheet

You’ll find a review sheet for the first exam here.


Still behind

I apologize, but I’m afraid I’m still behind on getting through the essays. They’ve begun to trickle back, and will continue to trickle back over the next several days. You can check the document itself for specific commentary about particular parts of the essay. For summary comments and grades, please check your messages and grade sheets in Engrade.


Useful links for the annotated bibliography assignment

I’ll be providing specific directions for the annotated bibliography assignment at a later date, but the following links should prove  in the meantime:

  • Preparing an Annotated Bibliography,” from the University Writing Center at IUPUI (I’ll ask you to use a different bibliographic style, but their general information is very helpful.)
  • Zotero is the reference manager I demonstrated for you.

Question for Plato’s Republic, Book VIII

Two questions to keep in mind as we read and discuss Book VIII:

  • In what way(s) might what we love contribute to our downfall?
  • What does that suggest about what we ought to love?



Discussion questions for Plato’s Republic, Book VII

Some things to think about in light of Book VII of the Republic:

  • What kind of education do you need to become the best person you can be?
  • What obligations do you have because of your gifts and abilities?



Discussion questions for Plato’s Republic, Book II

As we consider Book II, we might reflect on two questions:

  • What (if any) is the relationship between luxury and conflict?
  • How important are stories? In what way(s) do they form and shape us?

Essay #1

You may access the assignment sheet for the first essay by clicking here.

The essay is due, via Google Documents, no later than the start of class on Friday, February 10.