Email policy

Email in general:

Email is the official means of communication at Saint Mary’s College, and all official communications from the College will be sent to your address. It is therefore essential that you check that address on a regular basis, and that you manage your account so that you don’t exceed your email quota. If you fail to do those two things, you may miss vital information.

Email in relation to this course:

For purposes of this class, you may use whatever email address you wish. All I ask is that the email address you use for the course be one that you will check daily, Monday through Friday.

If you have more than one email account, you may wish to use a setup that allows you to check all of your accounts in one place. Most desktop email programs allow you to set up more than one account. It’s also possible to set up multiple accounts in some web-based email services. (For example, you can use your GMail account to sent and receive messages from your account, if you wish. Though ResNet does not offer technical support to those who want to use this method, they do provide setup instructions.)

What you may expect when you email me:

I check my email at least once or twice a day during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, and I will ordinarily respond within 48 hours of receiving a message. If it’s been longer than that and you haven’t received a response, please follow up; it’s possible that the message didn’t get through for some reason.

I do not check my email on Sundays, and only occasionally on Saturdays, so I can’t guarantee that I’ll see any messages sent later than Friday afternoon prior to late Monday morning.

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