Assignments and grading


There will be multiple assignments over the course of the semester. All are designed to assist students in achieving the goals of the course. Some assignments may emphasize one or more goals to a greater degree than the others, but students will find that most assignments require the integration of several of their developing skills.

The assignments for the course are as follows:

  • Google Documents setup (not graded, but must be completed in order to do other assignments)
  • Information form (not graded, but essential)
  • 10 discussion questions (100 points)
  • Essay #1 (150 points)
  • Essay #2 (150 points)
  • Annotated bibliography (150 points)
  • Midterm (200 points)
  • Final (200 points)
  • Final reflective essay (50 points)

Extra credit opportunities (50 points maximum, total)

  • Attend and write a brief reflection paper on the Aquinas lecture in Theology (maximum 25 points)
  • Attend and write a brief reflection paper on an intellectual or cultural event of your choice (maximum 25 points)

Late work is not acceptable, and will be docked 5% of the tool possible point value for the assignment for each class day that it is late. Work submitted after the start of the class session on the day it is due will be treated as one day late.

The one exception to the late policy is the discussion question assignment. Discussion questions are intended to help foster—well, class discussion. Questions that are submitted late do not help foster discussion, and will therefore receive no credit.



Each assignment will be graded on a 100-point scale, (where 93-100 = A, 90-92 = A-, 88-89 = B+, 83-87 = B, etc.), and that grade will be converted to a point total based on the weight of the assignment.

The math is fairly straightforward. If an essay worth 150 points receives a 90, the conversion will look like this:

90/100 = x/150
100x = 13500
x = 135

So the grade will be recorded as 135.

I do not post grades to Blackboard. However, I do keep a secure online grade book using Engrade. I will provide instructions for accessing your grades in class.

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