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Discussion questions: correction

Folks, though I said last week that the W group was on for tomorrow, I just double-checked the calendar, and I misspoke. Each group has two questions left. That means that the Wednesday group is up next week and the … Continue reading


Discussion questions for Locke, *Second Treatise,* Chs. 17-19

Discussion questions

Link to Congressional demographics

You can find the graphic we looked at here.


Questions for Locke’s *Second Treatise,* Chs. 12-16

Discussion questions

We’re up and running again; discussion questions

If you’re seeing this, you’ll know that our site is up and running again. The old URL should still bring you here; it should redirect (that’s an intentional redirect this time!) automatically. That means the link in Blackboard should also … Continue reading

Announcements, Discussion questions

No class today (Friday, March 23)

Good morning! I am not feeling especially well today, and will be unable to come to class. Later in April we have one more day scheduled for Rousseau than is really necessary, so we’ll get caught up. For now, we’ll … Continue reading


Annotated Bibliography

Here’s the link for the annotated bibliography assignment.


Topic brainstorming

The document we’ll be using is here.


Essay #2

You’ll find the assignment sheet for the second essay (due April 4) here: Essay #2.


Friday discussion questions

On Friday, we’ll be doing something a little different. Would the Friday group please: Think back over the texts we’ve read so far. Is there one that especially intrigues you? Identify what is it about that text that most intrigues … Continue reading