Specifics for the Machiavelli and Locke readings

I hope you are all enjoying the break thus far!

The course calendar indicated that after the break we’d be reading Machiavelli’s The Prince and Locke’s Second Treatise of Government, but gave no specifics about the readings. You’ll find the specifics below.

For Machiavelli:

  • Monday, 3/19: The Prince, Chs. 1-13 (pp. 509-533 in Morgan)
  • Wednesday, 3/21: The Prince, Chs. 14-26 (pp. 533-555 in Morgan)

For Locke:

  • Monday, 3/26: Second Treatise, Chs. 1-6 (pp. 711-732 in Morgan)
  • Wednesday, 3/28: Second Treatise, Chs. 7-11 (pp. 732-750 in Morgan)
  • Friday, 3/30: Second Treatise, Chs. 12-16 (pp. 750-763 in Morgan)
  • Monday, 4/2: Second Treatise, Chs. 17-19 (pp. 763-776 in Morgan)

The course calendar has been updated to reflect these specifics.



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