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We’re up and running again; discussion questions

If you’re seeing this, you’ll know that our site is up and running again. The old URL should still bring you here; it should redirect (that’s an intentional redirect this time!) automatically. That means the link in Blackboard should also … Continue reading

Announcements, Discussion questions

No class today (Friday, March 23)

Good morning! I am not feeling especially well today, and will be unable to come to class. Later in April we have one more day scheduled for Rousseau than is really necessary, so we’ll get caught up. For now, we’ll … Continue reading


Annotated Bibliography

Here’s the link for the annotated bibliography assignment.


Topic brainstorming

The document we’ll be using is here.


Essay #2

You’ll find the assignment sheet for the second essay (due April 4) here: Essay #2.


Friday discussion questions

On Friday, we’ll be doing something a little different. Would the Friday group please: Think back over the texts we’ve read so far. Is there one that especially intrigues you? Identify what is it about that text that most intrigues … Continue reading


Specifics for the Machiavelli and Locke readings

I hope you are all enjoying the break thus far! The course calendar indicated that after the break we’d be reading Machiavelli’s The Prince and Locke’s Second Treatise of Government, but gave no specifics about the readings. You’ll find the … Continue reading


For the Friday exam…

…there’s one small change. If you wish to type the exam instead of handwriting it, you’ll need to do so in Google Documents. Writing in Word then emailing me an attachment is an option that I’m taking off the table, … Continue reading


Correction regarding readings for Wednesday, May 7

Please note that there was an error (that has now been corrected) on the class calendar. The reading assignment for Wednesday is Summa Theologica II-II, Questions 40 and 42 (pp. 485-487, if you’re using the Morgan anthology). My apologies for … Continue reading


Exam 1 review sheet

You’ll find a review sheet for the first exam here.